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The Fisher of Bones

The Fisher of Bones - Sarah Gailey What’s not to like about the audacious pitch of a gender-flipped fantasy retelling of one of the great stories of faith and leadership? I’m always here for challenging expectations and I greatly enjoyed Gailey’s hippo romp [b:River of Teeth|31445891|River of Teeth (River of Teeth, #1)|Sarah Gailey|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484234556s/31445891.jpg|52146842].

It’s a big vision, closely controlled – too closely for my liking in the end. The novella lurches from one briefly-sketched crisis to the next, never pausing to explore the world or really allow any situation to play out in full. It often makes the resolutions feel telegraphed and/or too easy. I liked Fisher well enough (she’s overwhelmed, trying her best, which I relate to strongly at the moment) and enjoyed the novelty of a protagonist who was first pregnant, then a new mother, but the other characters are sketched in the barest terms.

Ultimately, it doesn't really work for me. As a novelette, it feels too fragmented; as a serial, I felt cheated by just how short each episode was. That said, as the framework for a fuller re-telling, it’s very intriguing – if this were the outline for a novel, I’d be right here to read it.

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