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The Fifth Season

The Fifth Season - N.K. Jemisin I don’t always agree with hype and I don’t consider a Hugo a guarantee I’ll enjoy (or even rate) something. So let me go on record now: I’ll read anything N K Jemisin writes in future on the strength of The Fifth Season. Every accolade it has received is well-deserved; it is staggeringly good in every way.

The Fifth Season is a masterclass in world-building – even as it rips its own world apart – layered with compelling characters, central mysteries, a mercilessly clear-sighted take on privilege and prejudice, and a tone that shifts seamlessly from cheeky to eviscerating without skipping a beat.

Is it fantasy? Is it science fiction? It’s a genre-busting apocalypse novel of impossible powers, a shattered moon, forgotten technologies and flushing toilets (until the world ends, at least). I have no idea where you shelve it other than under awesome and epic.

Now excuse me, I have a sequel I need to devour.

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