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Dogs of War

Dogs of War - Adrian Tchaikovsky This is a quick read if not always an easy one - and one which rewards reflection no matter how fast you breeze through it. However, I can’t say I enjoyed it for the most part. With the exception of the astonishing third act (oh, I could have read a whole book along these lines; it was an unexpected, brilliant twist on proceedings), this is very military in focus, which just isn't my thing. Rex’s existence is defined by his usefulness in war; while the broader implications of emerging AI and sentient rights are intriguing, and the world-building as credible as it is disturbing, the primary narrative is one of violence.

Consequently, I struggled with this to the extent that it was nearly a DNF. It’s good and well-told but I had to fight myself to read it and stay engaged. I found the structure disjointed and Rex’s POV frustrating.

...but it would make a brilliant bit of cinema, which I’d probably enjoy considerably more.

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