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All Systems Red

All Systems Red - Martha Wells SecUnits are standard issue, one per ten humans on a corporate deal that you can’t opt out of if you wish to survey a new world. They’re not well equipped and they’re not very clever, but they’ll rip themselves apart to protect their clients.

Well, most of the time.

Murderbot is different. Murderbot hacked their governor module and is a free agent pretending to still be enslaved. All Murderbot has to fear is someone noticing - in which case they’ll be junked for parts, at best - so it’s best if Murderbot keeps its head down and gets on with doing the half-assed job everyone expects it to do.

But these humans are nicer than most, and Murderbot is developing feelings. Which is awkward, because this planet seems pretty keen to kill them all.

This was a delight until the climax, which felt weirdly under written - I want to think it was Murderbot’s acute anxiety getting in the way of it relating the tale, but honestly it just felt a bit rough and rushed out. Which is a shame, as it means I ended a story that had been a sheer delight feeling a little awkward myself.

But I’ll be back for the sequel.

Slightly fuller review

...I originally gave this 3.5 stars because the ending didn't quite work for me, but it has stayed with me so it's getting a bump to a full 4 stars. I have too much affection for Murderbot not to show it the love.