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Moon Over Soho

Moon Over Soho  - Ben Aaronovitch Another PC Grant caper - with the increasingly sharp dark edges obscured by the consistently dry humour. I love some of the set-up and developments here, but don't necessarily love the whole package: I come away mildly frustrated with the two core femme fatale plotlines (both of which feel resolved for convenience rather than satisfaction).

However, I love the glimpses into Nightingale's past and attempts to grapple with the present (yes, language matters); the determined presence of Lesley May; the complete competence of Stephanopoulos; and the debate of the Folly's ethics (of which I expect to see more later - while Nightingale let Peter have his say, it hardly felt like he'd been convinced).

So - more fun and more shudders (AARRGGHH nightmare fuel); and more opportunities to tut at PC Grant (because I'm not a reader who appreciates a new sexy supernatural love interest for each book. I'm more interested in the science of magic, of which we see far too little). But I quite enjoy tutting at PC Grant. Shouting LESLEY WOULD DISAPPROVE, PETER is almost as fun as pantomime.

3.5 stars