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Every Heart a Doorway

Every Heart a Doorway - Seanan McGuire MY HEART.

Every Heart a Doorway - theoretically asking what happens to all those kids who cross over to another world and then find themselves back at home whether this wish it or no - casually wraps up more themes than some books care to shake a stick at, and for all its limited length, never feels rushed or like it’s skimming the surface.

It has the wisdom to acknowledge that being different doesn’t make all those who are different the same. It is clear-eyed that however different anyone may be, we can still all be cruel; that everyone sees someone else as ‘other’.

Add in a tense storyline as Miss Eleanor's school reels under a series of deaths and this is both gripping and an emotional rollercoaster. I’ve got a newfound respect for Ms MsGuire’s writing and (the best kind of) a big sore spot in my heart. Highly recommended.

Full review to follow.