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Revenger - Alastair Reynolds I thoroughly enjoyed this; alternately wriggling with discomfort and flailing with feelings.

I'm told this isn't typical Reynolds, which is a shame as I loved it. This is hand-wavey space opera of the sort I love best, all glorious imagery and broad horizons. The set-up is practically Gothic, but the aesthetic is essentially steampunk.

While I have a few minor niggles (Adrana is very inconsistent; a few things are a little too convenient; the language never does get to feel natural), I was swept away by the plot once it hit full speed. It relentlessly delivers (with interest) on ideas that are set out early on; there’s no such thing as extraneous detail. This could make it feel telegraphed, but it’s beautifully choreographed so instead I found it incredibly satisfying.

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4.5 stars