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Signs for Lost Children

Signs for Lost Children - Sarah Moss Beautiful, wistful, painful - we rejoin Ally Moberley - now Doctor Ally Moberley-Cavendish - as she prepares to wave her new husband goodbye. Can their young marriage survive a separation of many months as he sets out to Japan? Left alone in a strange place, with the pressures of being not only one of England's first women doctors, but one of the first to work in an asylum, can Ally quiet her own unsettled mind or will her demons get the better of her? Alone in a country that is foreign in ways he could never imagine, can Tom stay true to his new wife, or will he be seduced by difference and distance? Can the young couple find their way home to one another?

This is feelings all the way down - fierce in its acknowledgement of the battles faced by women fighting for equality; gentle in its understanding of the battles faced by anyone who struggles with their mental health; and - above all else - clear in its message that it is kindness we should cherish above all else. That the worth of a life is not measured in hard work or self-sacrifice so much as in the small ways we can spend it caring for one another.

Sorry, Tom. It's all about Ally for me, and her journey here is a wonderful sequel to her struggles through [b:Bodies of Light|20329476|Bodies of Light|Sarah Moss|https://images.gr-assets.com/books/1394318715s/20329476.jpg|28179074].