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Broken Banners

Broken Banners - Mark Gelineau, Joe   King The sequel to A Reaper of Stone, this is another 100 page (ish) novella focusing on Elinor, formerly the King's Reaper. Disgraced, she is en route to transfer her command to old friend Aldis Janen when she discovers the slaughtered bodies of his troop. With engineers but no soldiers in her squad, she must decide which comes first: the lives of her men & women, or the life of her old friend - and confront the dirty realities of the corruption pervading the Marches.

I thought this was better than A Reaper of Stone - with the world broadly established in the first novella, the authors could give the characters more room to breathe. They also side-stepped my whinge about cardboard villains by keeping the (cardboard) villain largely off-page, focusing instead on the tarnished honour of Aldis Janen. Good stuff, which leaves me wanting to read the next instalment and catch up on the other Echoes.

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I received a copy from the publishers in return for an honest review.