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Empire of Ivory

Empire of Ivory - Naomi Novik I attempted to write up some of my feelings about Empire of Ivory, which resulted in epic flailing at length. For the purposes of a brief review: this instalment shares the Temeraire traits of a , episodic adventures, a slow-building plot and a rush of blood at the climax, but is back to the levels of emotional engagement that made Throne of Jade such a joy for me – albeit with even fewer quiet moments for feelings to recover. It beat me to an emotional pulp and ended on a cliffhanger (be warned: you will not want to be left without book 5 to hand when you finish).

Excellent stuff - between the emotional rollercoaster and the unflinching side-eye at colonialism, slavery, politics and the agency of women in this alternate history, this is probably my favourite Temeraire to date.

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