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Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1)

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant Brilliant science and human idiocy brought on the zombie apocalypse; a generation later, the population still lives behind walls. Intrepid bloggers Georgia and Shaun Mason are the rare exception – they’ll chase a good story wherever it leads. When they’re invited to join a Presidential campaign, their ratings are guaranteed. Political thriller with zombies? Give this lady an award. Oh wait, they did (Goodreads Best SF, but it was also the runner up for the Hugo).

There’s so much to like here, as long as you’re signed up for political thriller with intermittent zombies and post-apocalyptic trappings, rather than seeking a full-blown zombie splatterfest (sequences with zombies are good, but are used sparingly, which I liked). The snark feels like a coping mechanism, which I relate to entirely as a Brit with a black sense of humour. Ultimately, this is a fun ride and a fresh approach to a well-spattered subgenre, and I can see why it comes highly recommended.

That said, there were a number of things that I didn't like - notably Shaun Mason (unfortunately), some of Georgia's bitchier moments, and the villain of the piece - and while I enjoyed it as a read, I'm not sure I'll continue with the series.

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